Big Financial Leaps For Small Enterprises

Forbes 2011 financial report came out with some very interesting news and surprising unheard of companies that really rocked the financial world. Many huge conglomerate companies that we all expect to really be on top of the financial reports were actually reporting slow lending, losses and basically overall poor results. Even with some of the poor and unexpected reports there was some interesting news that surfaced.

The Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is considering bringing his micro-lending business to the United States where he will focus on lending to women. Salinas stated "Because 85 percent of women owned businesses can be considered micro enterprises that a well managed micro financing program would be a great asset. Personal Loans Pro is yet another surprise that hit reports primarily due to its diversity of providing nationwide assistance to people that have bad credit but their Online Personal Loans program is also designed to provide people with the best interest rates found nationwide. Providing nationwide services and instant online application processing definitely provides convenience and outstanding results.

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Making Your Money Last: Two Contrasting Approaches

Imagine your financial adviser runs some projections and tells you that you have a 10% chance of outliving your nest egg in retirement. Can you live with those odds, or is a one-in-10 chance of running out of money a terrifying prospect for your old age?

“There are essentially these two completely different schools of thought about retirement income,” said Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College in Bryn Mawr, Penn. at a recent panel discussion in New York City, moderated by MarketWatch senior columnist Robert Powell.

Those who can’t stomach a one-in-10 chance of subsisting solely on Social Security belong to the “safety first”...


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Taxpayers Treat DHS Workers to $30K of Starbucks

In the last few years, the federal government has come under intense scrutiny for employee abuse of agency-issued credit cards. The cards are intended for business expenses, but have reportedly been used by federal workers to buy personal items like luxury goods and travel on taxpayers’ dime.

Federal auditors have issued numerous reports detailing the widespread abuse of the cards at a spate of federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service.

Related: More Federal Workers Abusing Government Credit Cards

But now an investigation by NBC-4 Washington sheds new light on the way the government...


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The latest from Dodd-Frank: credit risk retention rule finalized

The ultimate effect on securitizations and the residential mortgage market remains uncertain.

In the latest significant rulemaking arising out of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act), on October 22, six federal financial and housing agencies finalized long-awaited rules on credit risk retention requirements for securitizations (the Final Rule), implementing the requirements of section 15G of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act),[1]as added by section 941 of the Dodd-Frank Act. The joint rulemaking was issued by the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the Board),...


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How to Send Money on Snapchat

(Ilustration by Daniel Bean/Yahoo Tech)

Snapchat recently brought new meaning to the phrase #x201C;money shot.#x201D;

Earlier this week, the LA-based company announced that you could now send money to anyone on your contact list through its infamous app. Though the feature, named Snapcash, is slightly weird for a product that has made its name on disappearing content, it could be a helpful time-saver for power users.

Heck, it could even be a path to monetizing your selfies, if you so desire. Get paid for that duckface!

Here#x2019;s how you do it:

Setting Up Snapcash

Open the app and tap the symbol at the bottom left corner of the screen (it should...


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Hungary Central Bank Sets Up Asset Manager for Bad Commercial Property Loans

Hungarys central bank is in the process of setting up an asset management agency to handle non-performing commercial real-estate loans to help banks clean up their corporate loan portfolio and boost lending, the central bank said on Wednesday.

The asset manager MARK Zrt., to be fully-owned by the central bank, will purchase bad real-estate loans and related commercial properties.

The asset manager differs from the so-called “bad banks” — its aim isnt to support banks but to carry out real-estate purchases on a market basis, acting as a catalyst in a market that’s currently in a standstill, the central bank said.

“The oversupply of problematic...


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California bill would give school loans to undocumented students

A woman holds the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony for 3,703 new US citizens from 130 countries, in Los Angeles, California, December 17, 2013.

Credit: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

article source


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Can My School Loans Really Be Eliminated With Bankruptcy?

Huffington Post Reader Question

Dear Steve,

I took out a Sallie Mae Private Student loan for Radio 1 Broadcast School in LaCrosse, WI. I had one radio job (part time, one time a week) for one year before I decided that if I stayed in radio, Id never get anywhere money wise.

I also feel that I was inadequately trained in the part of radio that I wanted to get into (behind the scenes, not radio personality), thus I couldnt get the radio positions I really wanted. I have since defaulted on this $10,000+ loan due to financial hardships (I lost multiple jobs in 2010, and the current job I have barely pays the bills I have now) and while Im not being garnished yet, I feel that...


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Last Plea on School Loans: Proving a Hopeless Future

PLAIN CITY, Ohio — It isn’t easy to stand up in an open courtroom and bear witness to the abject wretchedness of your financial situation, but by the time Doug Wallace Jr. was 31 years old, he had little to lose by trying.


Certainty of Hopelessness

Certainty of Hopelessness

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  • Debt Collector Misled Borrowers, Court Says


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Calderon and Rivlin launch financial planning project as part of shmita observance

MK Ruth Calderon of Yesh Atid together with President Reuven Rivlin launched a shmita project at the Presidents Residence on Sunday designed to help families in economic difficulties and battling debt.

During the shmita, or sabbatical year which by biblical law occurs once every seven years agricultural land within the biblical borders of Israel must be left fallow and debts are remitted.

Calderons shmita project will see household heads undergo a course in financial rehabilitation that will provide them with the tools to manage their family as an economic unit, accurately assess household income and expenditure and increase their sources of income.



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Gallatin store raises money for Junior Achievement

A Gallatin Kangaroo Express convenience store is hoping to rally customers to raise money to help kids stay and succeed in school.

The “Kash for Kids” campaign will support Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee, a nonprofit group that brings real world experiences to students through hands-on curriculum, according to a Junior Achievement news release.

Kangaroo Express stores in Middle Tennessee, including the Gallatin store at 1221 S. Water Ave., are taking part in the campaign through Jan. 7.

Junior Achievement is dedicated to empowering young people to own their economic success. The volunteer-driven programs inspire work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial...


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