Big Financial Leaps For Small Enterprises

Forbes 2011 financial report came out with some very interesting news and surprising unheard of companies that really rocked the financial world. Many huge conglomerate companies that we all expect to really be on top of the financial reports were actually reporting slow lending, losses and basically overall poor results. Even with some of the poor and unexpected reports there was some interesting news that surfaced.

The Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is considering bringing his micro-lending business to the United States where he will focus on lending to women. Salinas stated "Because 85 percent of women owned businesses can be considered micro enterprises that a well managed micro financing program would be a great asset. Personal Loans Pro is yet another surprise that hit reports primarily due to its diversity of providing nationwide assistance to people that have bad credit but their Online Personal Loans program is also designed to provide people with the best interest rates found nationwide. Providing nationwide services and instant online application processing definitely provides convenience and outstanding results.

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County saving money on delinquents


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State exchange is saving money

Vermont had two choices when it came to implementing the federal Affordable Care Act: Go with the one-size-fits-all federal exchange or set up its own exchange using federal money.

Vermont chose the latter, and over the past few weeks there have been a number of voices saying that was the wrong decision. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is one very important reason Vermont went with its own exchange: Not doing so would have cost hard-working Vermonters hundreds if not thousands of dollars in additional insurance expenses each year.

For decades, Vermont has been a leader in health care reform. That?s a good thing. It?s why we?re one of the healthiest states and have...


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Escondido Couple Saving Water, Saving Money


A state water board imposed water restrictions on Californians. One Escondido couple is already saving on water – and saving on money, as NBC 7s Sherene Tagharobi reports.

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Illinois Sues Student Loan Debt Settlement Firms for Illegal Practices

NEW YORK (MainStreet) Elected officials from Illinois have been at the forefront of seeking redress for its citizens with student loans they cant pay off. So its not surprising that state Attorney General Lisa Madigan has taken the lead on student loan debt settlement firms that prey on broke students. Recent college graduates who are unemployed may be more likely get a call from a debt settlement company rather than an offer of a job.

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PNC Reports Second Quarter Net Income of $1.1 Billion and $1.85 Diluted EPS

PNC Reports Second Quarter Net Income of $1.1 Billion and $1.85 Diluted EPS

Revenue, Loans and Capital Increase
July 16, 2014: 06:37 AM ET

PITTSBURGH, July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC) today reported net income of $1.1 billion, or $1.85 per diluted common share, for the second quarter of 2014 compared with net income of $1.1 billion, or $1.82 per diluted common share, for the first quarter of 2014 and $1.1 billion,...


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M&T Bank Corporation (MTB): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research …

In Aug 2012, the US Treasury announced a public offering of preferred stock worth $381.5 million, which it held in Mamp;T Bank. This allowed Mamp;T Bank Corp. to exit the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

Back in 2008, Mamp;T participated in TARP and took $600 million as the bailout money. In return, preferred stocks were issued to the Treasury. In the meantime, the acquisitions of two TARP recipients Provident Bankshares Corp. (acquired in 2009) and Wilmington Trust Corp. (2011) burdened the company with more TARP funds to be returned. Mamp;T Bank already paid a part of its TARP dues ($700 million) in May 2011 and was left with the remaining $381.5 million in the TARP preferred...


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Vegas constable re-writes campaign finance reports

Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura moved Friday to untangle his campaign finance records, filing three amended reports in one afternoon in response to a complaint from a close associate.

What prompted the flurry of paperwork was a complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office by his own second-in-command, Deputy Chief Dean Lauer, who on Monday reported that a donation he made to his boss’ political campaign was dramatically overstated.

In his complaint, Lauer said he gave Bonaventura a $100 check and $20 cash for raffle tickets at a May 1 campaign fundraiser for his challenge of Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow in last month’s Democratic...


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The trick to saving big money in health care? The right incentives, says CareFirst

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield saved $267 million in three years — while 1.1 million of its members were hospitalized less often and had fewer readmissions — as part of a primary care experiment.

How did the regions largest health insurer do do it? Incentives, CareFirst CEO Chet Burrell said Thursday to an audience of trade groups, insurance industry representatives and Capitol Hill staffers in DC

Burrell in particular cited the use of the so-called patient centered medical home model, where CareFirst pays teams doctors a premium to work together to coordinate care, cut back on unnecessary testing and improve patient health outcomes. That includes providing more resources...


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Too Many Risks to Go With a For-Profit Debt Settlement Company

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — It seems like a no-brainer: When a problem gets overwhelming, hire a pro to sort it out. Like when your debts snowball out of control.

But not so fast. A studyby the Center for Responsible Lending shows that turning to a for-profit debt-settlement company can actually make matters worse.

The center describes the debt settlement option as a kind of leap into the void, and instead of finding a safety net, you could find yourself smashed on the rocks below. Thats because these firms typically require that you stop making payments on your debt before they start negotiating with the creditors. If the settlement talks fail, you could well be on the hook...


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6 Things You Need to Know about Student Loan Interest Rates

In 2012, 1.3 million students graduated with student loan debt, according to the Institute for College Access and Success. In other words, if youre like most college students, student loans will likely be part of your college financing plan. Look at a student loan as an investment. Just remember that the loan payment will be waiting for you after you graduate, says Dean Obenauer, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Financial Literacy at Creighton University.

What sometimes trips up students, says Obenauer, is not taking into account how much theyll end up having to pay back once student loan interest is tacked on to the amount borrowed. Take a look...


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