Big Financial Leaps For Small Enterprises

Forbes 2011 financial report came out with some very interesting news and surprising unheard of companies that really rocked the financial world. Many huge conglomerate companies that we all expect to really be on top of the financial reports were actually reporting slow lending, losses and basically overall poor results. Even with some of the poor and unexpected reports there was some interesting news that surfaced.

The Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is considering bringing his micro-lending business to the United States where he will focus on lending to women. Salinas stated "Because 85 percent of women owned businesses can be considered micro enterprises that a well managed micro financing program would be a great asset. Personal Loans Pro is yet another surprise that hit reports primarily due to its diversity of providing nationwide assistance to people that have bad credit but their Online Personal Loans program is also designed to provide people with the best interest rates found nationwide. Providing nationwide services and instant online application processing definitely provides convenience and outstanding results.

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US Banks Witness Highest Post-Recession Growth In Loans Over 2014

Data compiled by the Federal Reserve regarding the assets and liabilities of US commercial banks shows that 2014 was the best period for the banking sector since the economic downturn in terms of loan growth. ((Selected Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States, Federal Reserve Website)) Banks saw their loan portfolios grow 6.8% over the year, as prevailing low interest rates and growing optimism about the strength of the economy coaxed individuals as well as businesses to tap into available credit lines. The loan portfolio grew at a strong 8.2% (annualized) in Q2 2014 before slowing down to 5.4% by Q4. But the demand for commercial loans as well as personal loans (including...


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Funding crunch puts doctor pipeline in jeopardy

If the clinic didnt exist, patients could end up in emergency rooms, where their problems would be more acute and the tab far more expensive, said Dr. Fitz Mullan, professor of public health policy and pediatrics at George Washington University.

Its been demonstrated over and over that good community care not only gets better outcomes, but makes good use of taxpayers money, he said.

The Teaching Health Center program also is an investment in the future, advocates say. More than 90 percent of physicians in the program nationwide are likely to practice in underserved areas when they graduate, compared with less than 25 percent from traditional residency programs, according to a new report...


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The Secrets to Making a $1 Million Retirement Stash Last

Sarina Finkelstein (photo illustration)Getty Images (2)

More and more Americans are on target to save seven figures. The next challenge is managing that money once you reach retirement.

More than three decades after the creation of the 401(k), this workplace plan has become the No. 1 way for Americans to save for retirement. And save they have. The average plan balance has hit a record...


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Giorgione To Ask ‘Money or Power?’ At Future Summit Event Tonight

by Rose Carter

Money and power. Power and money. Often the two exist hand-in-hand, but tonight, Michael Giorgione, business leader and Rear Admiral in the US Navy (Ret.), will lead a discussion that considers the choice between the two. The presentation and discussion begin at 7:30 pm in the Grandfather Clock Lounge in Atherton Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

Giorgione’s presentation about money and power, how the two intertwine and when they are independent, will provoke questions, comments and introspect. He raises questions regarding the selection of money or power, if the absence of money has a power of its own, and if individuals believe they could...


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Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc (HMPR) Tops Small-Cap Stars Financials on …

Small-cap financial stocks offer a distinctly different investment thesis than their massive cousins on Wall Street, but one that can be financially rewarding with the right approach. Equities.coms Small-Cap Stars, our proprietary list of small-cap companies with metrics that indicate the highest chance of future success, can help identify which of those growing, small-cap financial companies could be the diamond in the rough that pays off in the long run.

Here are todays top-performing financial stocks from the Small-Cap Stars:

Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc (HMPR)

Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc gained 4.57% to $1.83. The gains came on a volume of 63,806 shares...


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Making Money With Charles Payne: 03/23/15

On March 23, 2015, the following stocks and commodities were mentioned or intended to be mentioned on FBN’s Making Money with Charles Payne.” Here are the disclosures:

Stock: Sonic Corporation (SONC)

  • Charles Payne–firm owns, no other disclosures
  • David Nelson–no disclosures
  • Susan Solovic–no disclosures
  • Scottie Hughes–no disclosures
  • Jim Awad–no disclosures
  • Jim Frischling–no disclosures
  • Joe Theismann–no disclosures

Stock: Starbucks Corporation (SBUX)

  • Charles Payne–no disclosures
  • David Nelson–firm owns, no other disclosures
  • Susan...


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Cookies on the BBC website

More than $5tn is traded on the global foreign exchange markets every day

Banks once had a near monopoly on moving money around the world, and they charged a pretty penny for it.

But since the 2008 financial crisis, their reputations have taken an almighty battering, and a growing number of technology-focused start-ups are intent on getting a slice of the action.

Cost has become the battleground and technology the weapon in this huge business: people send more than $500bn (£334bn) abroad each...


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Several aspects of life can lead to more stress

A: The CEO of Financial Psychology Corp., Kathleen Gurney, says financial stress is determined by a persons perception of the loss. How that person coped with the loss in the past and the extent of anxiety that accompanied the loss are also factors in the perception of stress. Financial stress is one of the top four categories of stress in society.

Dr. Paul J. Rosch, president of the American Institute of Stress, said chronic job stress jeopardizes a persons physical and emotional health. The Health and Safety Executive of the UK enumerates six critical factors causing stress at work. They are the job demands, autonomy or too much control, support or lack of it from relationships with...


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How to Build a $1 Million Retirement Plan

Money (photo illustration)Getty Images(2)

The number of savers with seven-figure workplace retirement plans has doubled over the past two years. Heres how you can become one of them.

The 401(k) was born in 1981 as an obscure IRS regulation that let workers set aside pretax money to supplement their pensions. More than three decades later, this workplace plan has become Americas No. 1 way to save....


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Obama unveils plans for Student Aid Bill of Rights

On Tuesday, President Obama unveiled plans for a Student Aid Bill of Rights which he claimed would lessen the burden of school loans felt by college students.

With his announcement, Obama insisted that federal agencies enact measures to make it easier for college students to finance their schooling. One specific step listed by Obama was an order that would direct the Secretary of Education to create a state of the art complaint and feedback system. This system would serve as a way for students to quickly detail and file any grievances they have towards the federal financial aid system.

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