Big Financial Leaps For Small Enterprises

Forbes 2011 financial report came out with some very interesting news and surprising unheard of companies that really rocked the financial world. Many huge conglomerate companies that we all expect to really be on top of the financial reports were actually reporting slow lending, losses and basically overall poor results. Even with some of the poor and unexpected reports there was some interesting news that surfaced.

The Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is considering bringing his micro-lending business to the United States where he will focus on lending to women. Salinas stated "Because 85 percent of women owned businesses can be considered micro enterprises that a well managed micro financing program would be a great asset. Personal Loans Pro is yet another surprise that hit reports primarily due to its diversity of providing nationwide assistance to people that have bad credit but their Online Personal Loans program is also designed to provide people with the best interest rates found nationwide. Providing nationwide services and instant online application processing definitely provides convenience and outstanding results.

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Switzerlands Cards and Payments Industry | Industry Analysis, Size, Share …

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Albany, NewYork (PRWEB) September 22, 2014


The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights into Switzerlands cards and payments industry, including:

Current and forecast values for each category of Switzerlands cards and payments industry, including debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards

Comprehensive analysis of the industrys market attractiveness and future growth areas

Analysis of various market drivers and regulations...


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Is a Credit Card Balance Transfer Right for You?

Credit card companies offer all sorts of welcome gifts to
entice consumers to apply for their cards. One of the most common
is special interest rates on balance transfers, and some cards
wont charge you any interest on transfers for a year and a

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LED lighting saving money and labor in hog country

Conditions inside a swine barn can be tough on lighting fixtures. (Photo by Virginia Cooperative Extension via Creative Commons)

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What a concept: Saving money grows more money

Thanks to those who wrote in over the past week. The notion of saving deliberately obviously resonated. I was particularly moved by a story sent to me by Sharon Bernier.

Sharons story is one of a hard-working father who quit high school to support his immigrant parents. A frugal family of six that somehow never felt we were poor or deprived, rarely used debt and simply saved.

What impressed me about her story was the following: In the first grade, a representative from Cleveland Trust Bank in Ohio would visit each class on Friday. I would stand in line with my passbook and a quarter to deposit. The banker took my money and recorded the deposit. One day he recorded more than I deposited....


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Contactless payments and London travel: your questions answered

What is contactless and how does it work?

Contactless is a function on some debit, credit and pre-paid cards that allows you to make a quick and easy payment for goods or services without having to enter your pin, if the amount is £20 or less. . From Tuesday it became possible to use a contactless payment card on London tube, tram, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London overground and most National Rail services in the capital. The system has been already been in use on London buses for more than a year.

The process is fast and easy. All you have to do is tap your contactless card over the yellow card reader to make the payment. This will charge cyou an adult pay-as-you-go fare when...


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County Official Investigated for ‘Inappropriate Travel Payment’

The head of Santa Clara Countys Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) was placed on paid leave after reports that he used personal charge cards to rack up rewards and frequent flier miles from county business trips.

NBCs Investigative Unit obtained thousands of documents that show John Vartanian broke county policy by using his credit cards for himself and dozens of other staffers to earn rewards.

The Board of Supervisors takes these allegations seriously and has placed Vartanian on administrative leave with pay, county spokeswoman Gwen Mitchell announced in a press release Tuesday night.

Vartanian, who was appointed as department head last year, put upward of $55,000...


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Inquiries Can Help You Find More Leads

I recently fielded an inquiry on a domain name, and I set out to do a bit of due diligence on the prospective buyer. I looked at his companys website, and I was easily able to see why the company wants to buy my domain name. I also realized that if I had done outbound marketing for this domain name, I would never have found them.

If youre like me, youve probably won some domain names at auction that look like theyre great names but you may not know all that much about the topic. For instance, you might have bought a domain name related to school loans, but you dont know much about how the lending process works or technical terms related to that field. This could make it more challenging...


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Stocks Roundup – National Bank of Greece (ADR) (NYSE:NBG), Aeropostale Inc …

Manhattan, NY- September 18, 2014 (Techsonian) – National Bank of Greece (ADR) (NYSE:NBG), together with its subsidiaries, offers diversified financial services primarily in Greece. The company is involved in retail and commercial banking, investment management, investment banking, insurance, investment activities, and securities trading activities. It offers demand deposits, savings deposits, and time deposits, and current accounts; investment products; consumer loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, automobile loans, overdraft facilities, and foreign currency loans, as well as letters of credit and guarantees; credit cards; currency swaps and options; and ATMs.

With the latest...


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A guide to Regulation AB II

On August 27, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted the long-awaited comprehensive amendments to Regulation AB and the other rules affecting the offering process for asset-backed securities, commonly known as Regulation AB II. These new rules will, among other things, require standardized asset-level data disclosures in public offerings of ABS backed by residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, automobile loans, automobile leases and debt securities, and in resecuritizations. In shelf offerings, an integrated preliminary prospectus will have to be filed with the SEC at least three business days before any securities are sold. The investment-grade rating requirement for shelf...


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5 mistakes to avoid with money and your kids

If youre having a hard time explaining that money doesnt grow on trees to your kids, youre not alone.

Personal finance expert and author of the forthcoming book Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If Youre Not), Beth Kobliner discovered that many parents have a harder time explaining how money works to their kids than talking about sex or drugs.

Part of it is that parents are afraid they dont know enough to talk to their kids, and another part of it is that were afraid to reveal our own money foibles to our children, explained Kobliner, who also wrote the New York Times best-seller Get A Financial Life. Thats a problem because we now know the number one influence on a child when...


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