Big Financial Leaps For Small Enterprises

Forbes 2011 financial report came out with some very interesting news and surprising unheard of companies that really rocked the financial world. Many huge conglomerate companies that we all expect to really be on top of the financial reports were actually reporting slow lending, losses and basically overall poor results. Even with some of the poor and unexpected reports there was some interesting news that surfaced.

The Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is considering bringing his micro-lending business to the United States where he will focus on lending to women. Salinas stated "Because 85 percent of women owned businesses can be considered micro enterprises that a well managed micro financing program would be a great asset. Personal Loans Pro is yet another surprise that hit reports primarily due to its diversity of providing nationwide assistance to people that have bad credit but their Online Personal Loans program is also designed to provide people with the best interest rates found nationwide. Providing nationwide services and instant online application processing definitely provides convenience and outstanding results.

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FACT SHEET: Increasing Safety and Efficiency while Saving Money at the Pump

FACT SHEET: Increasing Safety and Efficiency while Saving Money at the Pump

Administration Announces: NASCAR, Tire Manufactures amp; Retailers Partner with the Department of Transportation to Raise Awareness about Tire Safety and Take Action to

Cut Carbon Pollution and Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

The Obama Administration is committed to taking responsible steps to promote safety, combat climate change, cut energy waste, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Every year, there are roughly 11,000 tire-related vehicle crashes in the US Many of these crashes can be prevented through proper tire maintenanceincluding tire inflation, balance, alignment, and rotationand...


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Memphis, SCS Agree To $57M Debt Settlement

In a letter Tuesday evening to Memphis City Council, Mayor A C Wharton authorized a settlement in the lawsuit with Shelby County Schools.

Read the letter here.

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The SCS school board followed in approving the debt settlement with the City of Memphis. Eight of the votes approved the settlement, which calls...


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Jenex Announces Closing of Debt Settlement

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – December 11, 2014) – The Jenex Corporation (TSXV: JEN.H)
(Jenex or the Corporation) announces that is has completed the debt
settlement described in its press release of November 18, 2014.

Jenex settled $4,614,472 of secured debt (including accrued
interest) by issuing (a) 25,500,000 common shares (b) $600,000 of secured
debentures, and (c) 10,000,000 warrants. The terms of the Debentures and the
Warrants are described in the November 18, 2014 press release.

Jenex also settle unsecured debts totaling $437,500 by the
issuance of 8,075,000 common shares.

We are pleased to make this...


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Brian Fielding Discusses Important New Trends Concerning Banks and …

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — 2015 is quickly approaching, and Brian Fielding reveals that there have already been some very positive predictions about how the commercial real estate market will perform in the New Year. There are currently a number of businesses that are getting back on their feet after economic hardships in recent years. As these companies are recovering, the job market is improving, and many of these companies require new spaces for growth and expansion. This trend, which is no doubt exciting investors with its prospects for higher profit margins in 2015, is also inspiring an astounding new trend from banks.

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A Dad’s Point-of-View: Saving Money #Christmas

I was talking with a good friend who happened to share that her brother had recently gotten a promotion, yet he was always in money trouble. When I probed for the reason, she really didn’t have any, but it provoked a discussion about how people spend, save, and manage their money. This friend went on further to state she didn’t know how she could even be related (to her brother) given their completely opposite habits about money.

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5 Debt Relief Options You Can Use Right Now

Here are 5 Debt relief options you can use right now!

  1. Dont keep accounts with banks you owe money to.
    The banks have the right to withdraw money from your account to pay down the debt you owe.
  2. Dont ignore notices from law firms.  
    This may tip you off that a bank levy is about to occur.
  3. Stop direct deposits for your paycheck.
    Its not too difficult for a creditor to do a little guess work to figure out when you get paid. Levying on a bank account can get creditors a decent chunk of change if they figure out when you get paid. You may be able to get some of that money back, but it may take you 60 days or more to get a hearing and have funds...


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Deutsche Bank to sell $2 billion property loans to TPG: source

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) has agreed to sell a $2 billion portfolio of US commercial real estate loans to US private equity firm TPG Capital Management LP, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The transaction is commercially driven and is expected to be profitable, the source said. It is not related to efforts by Deutsche and other European banks to trim their balance sheets to strengthen their regulatory capital ratios, the source said.

This is part of normal operating business, the source said. The timing in the US is favorable to sell down US real estate positions that youve built up.

An announcement on the deal is expected...


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Controversial Debt Relief Firms Target For-Profit College Students

Debt relief firms that have been sued for advertising wildly expensive, misleading student loan services have begun to explicitly target students of for-profit colleges on social media.

Pages with names like “Student Loan Forgiveness Support,” which have amassed tens of thousands of likes on Facebook, are using recent news about closures and lawsuits against for-profit colleges to lure those students into so-called “debt forgiveness” services, which essentially entail paying as much as $1,000 to fill out a free loan rehabilitation form provided by the Education Department.

As a result, thousands of poor students who have already been victimized by for-profit...


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John Viscariello says battling big boys takes it toll

Having aimed squarely at the big end of town, the big end of town took aim at him. Instead of responding to his complaints of improper conduct, the states legal conduct board responded with a cannonade of own motions they went after him that is and they finally had him struck off.

When asked this week, in the wake of the damning judgmentfrom Chief Justice Chris Kourakis, if he would do it all again, Viscariello had this to say:

I was born, and this is who I am. I couldnt stand by and let these guys get away with it; using their position. This is the price Ive had to pay.

Taking on the bully

It is a singular privilege of this job that you get to meet people at their...


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8 Steps I Used To Pay Off $81000 Of Debt In Less Than 3 Years

I’ll never forget my first major bill.

I was a senior in college and soon headed off to the corporate world as an engineer in Houston, Texas.

I opened a letter from Sallie Mae and for the first time realized exactly how much debt I had racked up over the last four years.

I had at least eight different student loans that — if I paid the minimums each month — combined to be over $72,000.

Being a broke college kid and not coming from money, this was not only frustrating, but produced a sickening feeling that I still remember clearly to this day.

When you add in the used Honda I bought for $9,000, I started off in the real world worse than broke:...


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